My name is Josh Poe I'm a Florida
    native born and raised in St. Petersburg.  I've
    been detailing cars since 2004.  I started this
    business by keeping my own car extra clean
    then neighbors noticed and wanted theirs
    done too and then told their friends and it just
    snowballed from there.  Detailing to me is
    more of a passion then a profession, I just
    enjoy doing it. Almost all of my cars owners
    have been coming to me for many, many
    years.  When you get your car done by me I
    treat it as if were my own.  I charge $45 for
    my basic detail witch covers the everyday dirt
    and wear and tear on your vehicle.  But if you
    become one of my regulars, meaning we
    have an unwritten agreement of a detail
    schedule weather it be weekly, biweekly or
    monthly I go above and beyond doing many
    additional services without any additional
    charges.  I do this mainly because if your
    gonna be loyal to me and entrust your
    vehicles appearance to me I'm going to do
    everything I can to make your car the best
    looking car on the streets.  Cause lets face
    my name and reputation is on the line so I'm
    going to treat it as if it was my own personal
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