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Durable long term protection against the elements
Clear protection enhances brilliant candy sparkle and shine
Superior optical clarity enhances gloss, reflection, and depth
Hydrophobic self-cleaning effect; water rapidly glides off and removes contaminants
Flexible texture helps reject scratches and swirls
Anti-static properties reduce dirt cling and extend cleaning intervals
Rejects UV sunlight, liquids, bug splatters, bird droppings, and more
Protects against fading, oxidation, discoloration, and corrosion
Resistant to wash chemicals, pressure washers, and acid rain
Protects up to 36 months with one application
For best results only use with included applicators. Refill applicators are also
available, Applicator Refill Kit

About Carbon Flex
Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9 is the world’s most advanced hydrophobic protective
coating. Carbon Flex C9 creates crystal clear protection for a brilliant shine on any
vehicle. Carbon Flex C9 technology combines the best paint protection properties
into one easy-to-use product. Carbon Flex C9 protects against the harshest elements,
pollution, water spots, bird droppings, contamination and more. Carbon Flex C9 will
not flake, haze, or discolor in sunlight. Carbon Flex C9 provides durable protection
that lasts up to 36 months. Apply Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating for unbeatable
protection, shine, superior optical clarity, reflectivity, slickness, and extreme high-
gloss. The superior optical clarity of Carbon Flex C9 enhances the natural gloss and
shine of paintwork with durable long term protection. Water and liquids simply bead
and roll off the extreme hydrophobic coating before they can spot or stain. Dirt and
dust have a hard time adhering to the smooth texture of Carbon Flex, which makes
cleanings easier and further apart. Carbon Flex C9 is easy to apply in one step,
requiring minimal effort. Low grade hydrophobic coatings provide poor protection,
crack, peel, and show scratches. Carbon Flex C9 uses flexible coating technology that
conforms to the surface to reduce scratch effects. Carbon Flex C9 can be layered for
enhanced long-term protection and shine. Apply on paintwork, polished metal, wheels,
glass, headlights, and taillights for extended protection against the elements. For
durable long-term protection against the elements with enhanced shine and gloss,
choose Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating.

Brilliant Candy Sparkle Finish
Carbon Flex C9 enhances the most brilliant shine and gloss from any color paintwork.
The C9 coating cures transparent to heighten a beautiful lustrous finish that makes
any color sparkle with a crystal clear, wet, and glossy shine. Finishes treated with
Carbon Flex look like they were finished with expensive custom candy coating paint
jobs. C9 Coating enhances the natural gloss and depth of paintwork so that it glistens
and glows with a unique signature crystal candy sparkle. Treating different colors with
Carbon Flex C9 heightens every hue with a unique shine. Reds glow with warm luster
and fiery aggressive passion. White and gray shimmer with the pure brilliance of
driven snow or freshly-machined gunmetal. Peer into the depths of blues as clear and
complex as the sea. Black paint transcends its own complexity and depth to simply
reflect and become whatever colors are around it. Any color can be enhanced and
protected for maximum shine. The exclusive carbon coating technology takes shine to
the next level. The gloss enhancing formula creates intensive shine and brilliant gloss.
Choose the best protection with unbelievable gloss and shine with Carbon Flex C9
Protective Coating.

Extended Protection And Shine
Traditional car waxes have limited durability on paintwork and other automotive
surfaces. Carnauba wax protects paintwork from the elements and enhances shine
with a warm, wet look, but it only lasts up to three months under ideal conditions.
Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating is the next evolution in car care
coatings. The durable coating protects paintwork and other automotive surfaces for
up to 36 months. One application of Carbon Flex C9 Coating repels water and
pollution, blocks harmful UV rays, and enhances shine and depth with brilliant
reflection and pristine optical clarity. Carbon Flex C9 is designed to protect any
vehicle under the most extreme conditions. Protect your vehicle from fading and
discoloration in extreme desert heat and UV sunlight. Prevent staining and spotting
during intense cold and wet weather conditions. Unlike other ceramic coatings on the
market, Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating hardens with flexible surface tension. The
coating pliability helps the vehicle reject swirls and scratches, and actually self-repairs
to reduce visibility of scratch damage done to the coating. Choose Carbon Flex C9
Protective Coating for long term protection with enhanced shine and reflection.

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